General Questions

We recommend you varnish your metal and wooden animals twice a year in Spring and Autumn. We use ‘Ronseal outdoor gloss varnish.'

The varnish must be applied when the sculpture and brush are bone dry otherwise when the varnish dries it will be milky in colour.

In short no not totally. We use recycled metal as and where we can. There is a huge demand for all metals in Africa so we use a mixture of new sheet steel, oil drums and various car parts.

Yes, for our sculptures the vast majority of our wood is from sustainable Eucalyptus and Jacaranda plantations. These create an income for local farmers and have a very small effect on the local environment. We do have some hard wood sculptures with wood used from sustainable sourced hard wood trees.

Specific Questions


Yes we are a fair trade company, however we do not yet have official fair trade status. This is a process we are currently applying for. We employ artists locally and pay well above local wages. Our staff are happy and are well looked after. Once we receive official fair trade status we will display the official logos.


More or less yes. We do need pictures of the desired sculpture size needs to be considered also as standard high cube shipping containers are 8 feet wide, 9 feet high and 40 feet long so to keep shipping costs down your sculpture should ideally fit in this.

Depending on how many orders we have it could take from 8 to 15 weeks. We will always do our best to get your order made and shipped as soon as possible. We are always happy to send photographs of your order being made and pictures of your artists making them.