Always happy to help and ready to meet all of your needs.

Chris Canaan.

Founder, UK & Kenya.

Chris is the artistic soul behind the business. He develops new products, overseas production and makes sure you get a perfect finished sculpture. A talented artist in his own right Chris works with many mediums from Clay to Glass. Chris also produces all the graphic design for our leaflets, brochures and advertising campaigns.

Kel Campbell.

Co-Founder, UK & Kenya.

Kel overseas the Kenyan operations, from quality control, packing shipping and staff training. He also deals with the office and any other excuse he can find to stay in Kenya.

Mzee Peter.

The Big Boss, Kenya.

Peter Erastus Mwangi is probably the most important person in the company. A life long friend and father figure, Peter keeps us on the right track and helps us navigate complex Kenyan customs and laws. No longer with us, his legacy lives on through his son Macharia.

Joy Cowan

Sales Director, UK

Joy knows the products inside out and deals with most of our corporate accounts. Its Joys job to make sure the customer gets what they ordered and is always on hand to help with customers needs.

Hiram Macharia

Logistics Manager, Kenya

Hiram organises just about everything in Kenya, from artists needs, stock control and general logistics. Moving people, products and sculptures to where they need to be.

Marie Brown

UK Sales

Marie knows the perfect sculpture of the perfect place, she will help you find that extra special gift for your families and friends.

Ricky Sheppard

UK Sales & Logistics

Ricky heads up the team here in the UK. In charge of goods in, goods out. Deliveries and making sure everything is where it should be. Ricky is also a budding artist, designing new sculptures and bringing new ideas to the team in Kenya.


Head Artist Kenya

Hailing from Western Kenya, Bonface has an incredible eye for detail. He thrives on the challenge of creating a new design. Bonface is the perfect teacher for training the new younger artists, he is particularly good at sculpting Giraffes.

Team Kenya

Metal Artists

We have a fantastic team of guys (probably the best in Kenya) working all year round to produce top quality sculptures. Trained by Bonface and Franco only the best will do.

Team Zimbabwe

Metal Artists

We have a great team in Zimbabwe, specialising in recycled metal birds. New for this year we are sculpting some fantastic art made from nuts, bolts and car parts as well as recycled old fridges and freezers. The ultimate in recycling.


Head artist Kenya

Franco also hails from Western Kenya. His attention to detail is fantastic and often does all the critical final touches to the sculptures, he's really good at Gorillas and Chimpanzees. A wonderful teacher and role model, Franco happily passes his skills down to the younger artists.

Rochella Stewart

Office Manager, UK

Rochella keeps us all on the straight and narrow back here in the UK. She deals with all the invoices, deliveries and is generally Chris's right hand lady. She also works on all advertising campaigns, price lists and brochures.

John Glemba

Wood Artist, Kenya

John was raised on the fertile slopes of Mount Kenya, surrounded by tropical highland forests and farmland John has a keen eye for all things Avian. Johns preferred material is Jacaranda wood which is farmed locally. All his birds are also painted and polished locally.